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Zombie Baseball Beatdown

Zombie Baseball Beatdown - Paolo Bacigalupi

This book was about a boy named Rabi and a few of his friends, Miguel and Joe. Rabi's mother left for India to tend to a sick relative, Miguel's family got deported to Mexico, and Joe's father is mostly irresponsible, so during the time of the situation, the boys were basically on their own. They live in the town of Delbe, Iowa, and they all play baseball at the Delbe Middle School. There is a corrupt meat company in Delbe, called Milrow, that uses strange drugs on cows (their source of meat) in effort to make them grow, and they can sell more meat. The drugs are bad and have turned cows into zombies, and then people get infected by getting bitten, or eating the zombie meat, and it starts to spread. The boys start to find out about the zombies when their baseball coach, Mr. Corcoran starts acting weird and wants their brains, and so for a few days they watch the company, try to break in, and find proof that these zombies exist and show it to the police, who did not believe them. They broke lots of rules and were constantly getting into trouble. They drove illegally in the pickup truck of Miguel's deported uncle, have threatened adults, made the police think the entire deal is a prank, and even blew up a truck. They decided that at the next baseball game, they would show off a zombie cow head that they managed to steal from the factory, along with the executive of the company, Mr. Riggoni. Before they could execute their plan, things went wrong, because there was a truck selling the meat of the zombie cows in the form of hamburgers, and people were eating them and turning into zombies. The boys teamed up with all the other baseball players and worked together, beating zombies with bats, baseballs, and other projectiles to get to the truck they were driving illegally to escape from the zombies and hopefully get to safety. In the end, they did make it to safety, but they were in trouble for violating the terms of a contract Rabi and the boys had signed promising to no longer associate themselves with the zombie uprise, and leave it to the guy who made them sign the contract, Mr. Maximillian. He was a very tough guy to beat, wise of fighting for justice, and ensured to the three kids and their families that there was nothing they could do to get out of the legal trouble they were in without losing everything of value that they possess, but Rabi had an idea. Rabi thought that if he told everyone that the whole zombie uprising did not happen, and that it was merely a story, they could get away with everything they did.


In this book, I noticed several connections. In the book, Rabi is accused of playing jokes and lying when telling people about things that may seem impossible, such as the zombie apocalypse. I can relate this to another book I read in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, where the main character tries to tell his friends and others that something really happened, and nobody believes him. In the book, Rabi basically sucks at batting in baseball, and is always teased for it. I can relate because I too have been made fun of and teased for my inabilities. This, in some cases has to do with my inabilities in sports, like Rabi. Lastly, the three boys, right away, wanted to find out what was going on at the factory and meatpacking plant when the big bad smell surfaced. They wanted to find out the cause of the smell, which led to them finding out about the zombie cows. Kids in general can relate to this because many kids are curious about things and want to find out why things happen.


I would recommend this book to people who like stories based off of action, suspense, and thrills. I was definitely thrilled and "hooked" from this book. I found the story very exciting and sometimes funny. There were many moments of excitement, like when the whole crowd became zombies and the remaining humans on the baseball field had to beat a lot of them down in order to get to their truck, beat some more zombies and then escape in effort of finding safety. There were a few jokes in the story that made it funny. With that said, I conclude that if you are person seeking a story of humor, excitement, scares, action, suspense, and thrills, this book is for you.